This page provides documentation for all of Qube!'s configuration parameters.

    Local Configuration

    The Configuration for the Supervisor, Worker, and Clients can be found in the qb.conf file that is located at the following locations depending on the platform. It can be configured directly with a text editor or through the WrangerView's "Administration->Configure (local)" menu that will launch the Configuration Dialog to edit the local computer's configuration. 

    Linux & macOS:              /etc/qb.conf
    Windows XP/2003:      C:\Windows\qb.conf
    Windows Vista/2008:  C:\ProgramData\Pfx\qube\qb.conf 

    Central Worker Configuration

    On the Supervisor, there is an additional optional configuration file  qbwrk.conf  for centrally modifying the Worker configurations. It can be modified directly with a text editor or through the WranglerView's Host/Worker Layout right-click menu item "Configure On Supervisor…" for the selected Workers.

    Configuration Parameters by type

    Parameters common to Supervisor, Workers, and Clients

    Supervisor Parameters

    Worker Parameters

    Client Parameters

    All Parameters 


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