supervisor_language_flags = mask

    Mask sets which languages the Supervisor will accept for callback code. Mask can be a comma-separated list of names, or a decimal value that is the sum of the desired values (see Examples below).


    NameValue (dec / bin)Description
    qube 1 / 0000001Enables the "qube" callback language that uses the "code" section of the job to specify, for example, "unblock-subjob-self" instead of using Perl or Python
    Perl 2 / 0000010Enables the use of Perl callbacks
    Python 4 / 0000100Enables the use of Python callbacks
    post 8 / 0001000Enables client-side callbacks. This is primarily used when a client-side script needs the Qube! job to complete before continuing. "Qbsub --waitfor" or qb.waitfor() make use of this flag
    mail16 / 0010000Enables the mail function to work when a job is submitted with the email option turned on.
    dependency32 / 0100000Enables simple dependencies, for example, "link-done-job-12345"
    auto_wrangling64 / 1000000Enables Auto-Wrangling


    supervisor_language_flags = 6
    supervisor_language_flags = "Perl,python"


    supervisor_language_flags = "qube,post,mail,dependency,auto_wrangling"

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