worker_flags = flag[,flag...]

    Set global Worker configuration flags. 


    dedicatedDenotes if the host is a dedicated Qube Worker. (This flag is obsolete and no longer carries any meaning)
    dynamicNotify the Supervisor that it should identify the Worker by its hostname rather than its ip address. This allows the Supervisor to migrate host information rather than create a new host with the same name.
    auto_mountEnables the Windows Auto-Mounting system. The Worker will automatically mount drives which were detected in the user's environment any time the auto_mount job flag is set. (Windows only)
    remove_logsThe Worker will automatically remove any logs which it used as temporary storage while running a job. Should only be disabled for debugging purposes.
    load_profileThe Worker will use the Windows profile when running the job. (Windows only)
    auto_removeAutomatically remove the worker from the supervisor's list of hosts when the worker service is stopped.


    worker_flags = "auto_mount,load_profile,auto_remove"


    • Linux & OS X:  "remove_logs"
    • Windows:         "remove_logs,load_profile,auto_mount"


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