The worker drive map feature, particular to Windows workers, which instructs workers to automatically mount specified drives before they process jobs.  If there is a conflict due to the same drive letter being mapped in the worker_drive_map and in the job's drive mapping (sampled from the submitting user's environment), the drive mapping in the worker_drive_map is the one that will be used


    This parameter also requires that the worker_flags have the auto_mount flag set.

    To make worker_drive_maps, either in each worker's qb.conf, or the qbwrk.conf in the supervisor, set the following variable: 

    worker_drive_map = {X:|\\SERVER\SHARE

    To specify username/password for a worker drive map, the following syntax may be used:

    worker_drive_map = {X:|USER:ENCRYPTED_PASSWD@\\SERVER\SHARE

    The ENCRYPTED_PASSWD parameter comes from the output of qbhash or qblogin --display.


    The syntax for this parameter is very strict:

    • the opening brace "{" must be on the same line as the '=' sign
    • the first mapping definition must come immediately after the opening brace
    • further mappings must be each on a new line, with no leading spaces
    • no blank lines between mappings
    • the closing brace must be on its own line, with no leading spaces


    worker_drive_map = {Z:|\\home\geebers
    worker_drive_map = {X:|USER:ENCRYPTED_PASSWD@\\SERVER\SHARE
    worker_drive_map = {Z:|qubeuser:0fbc8b129210914f769564cbd30ae5cb4397f9615299ce8d1e1cf065e97bf063@\\rnd\home
    worker_drive_map = {X:|qubeuser:0fbc8b129210914f769564cbd30ae5cb4397f9615299ce8d1e1cf065e97bf063@\\rnd\home



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