supervisor_queue_algorithm = "binding=library[,binding=library...]" 

    Used to specify queuing algorithm(s) used by the supervisor. 

    binding is the type (either "Perl" or "Internal") of the algorithm, and library is the actual library (path to the custom Perl algorithm file, or "cluster", "priority", or "queue" for internal built-in algorithms. By specifying multiple "binding=library" combinations, separated by commas, the algorithms may be "stacked"-- algorithms to the left of the list have higher precedence, but if a certain routine isn't specified in it, then the system will try to find one downstream.

    Note that, if this parameter is defined in the qb.conf file, the supervisor_queue_binding and supervisor_queue_library legacy parameters are ignored.


    supervisor_queue_algorithm = "Perl=/path/to/my/,Internal=cluster"



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