This is done using a script file plug-in written in Perl. The qb.conf setting for this is as follows:
    supervisor_queue_binding = Perl
    supervisor_queue_library = plugin_path
    This document isn't meant to be a tutorial on the Perl scripting language so we will assume developers modifying this module in the following documentation already have a functional knowledge of Perl's syntax. Good online resources for learning Perl can be found at {+} there also many good published books such as Learning Perl published by O'Reilly which can get a beginning developer started with Perl scripting.
    To create a new queuing algorithm, the developer must create a Perl module with the following Perl functions:

    1. qb_init()
    2. qb_starthost_init()
    3. qb_jobcmp($joba, $jobb, $host)
    4. qb_starthost_deinit()
    5. qb_startjob_init()
    6. qb_hostcmp($hosta, $hostb, $job)
    7. qb_startjob_deinit()
    8. qb_rejectjob($job, $host)
    9. qb_preemptjob_init()
    10. qb_preemptcmp($runningjob, $candidatejob, $host)
    11. qb_preemptjob_deinit()

    A function if not defined will automatically be overridden with the "Priority Queuing Algorithm" defaults.
    Example scripts can be found the following locations:

    • Linux: /usr/local/pfx/qube/examples/supervisor
    • Windows: C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\examples\supervisor
    • OS X: /Applications/pfx/qube/examples/supervisor

    The functions defined are all used to control the queuing algorithm's properties.

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