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    To enable the Shotgun integration, Integration its configurations configuration must be set up properly in the Wrangler View preferences-- you'll need to .  To do this you will create a 'qube submission' "script" on the shotgun server , which in turn - the creation of the script will generate a key, and you use that script name and key to allow Qube to authenticate with the Shotgun server.

    Here 's are the step-by-step instructions to set it up and submit a test job job 

    On the Shotgun


    1) Login to your Shotgun server.
    2) Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the Shotgun interface to show the Admin->Scripts menu


    . Once on the Scripts page click the "+ Script" button to create a new script and fill in the Script Name to "qube_submit".
    3) Click on the created


    Script Name link called "qube_submit", then choose "Script Info" to find the Application Key.

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    In the QubeGUI Preferences panel for each user, fill in the following under the "Shotgun Configuration" section:

    Shotgun URL: your shotgun studio address like
    Script Name: qube_submit
    Script Key: <the value that came from the Application Key>

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    These QubeGUI preferences can also be stored in a central qubegui preferences file with other studio defaults. (File->Save Preference Defaults... and the matching preference field "Studio Defaults Prefs")

    This will enable the submit-time creation of a callback when submitting a job to have it send information to your shotgun server on job completion and create a new "Version" for the asset. Fill in the username and other fields. 

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    Details: The script that is run is located under .../qube/scripts/ This is what controls what information is sent to the shotgun server from Qube.

    See also the Shotgun Submission section in the Parameters Job Submission Dialog page: