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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-0


    worker_flags = maskMask sets some flag[,flag...]

    Set global Worker configuration parameters. Add up the settings to determine a composite value enabling each setting or list them in text form delimited by commas.flags. 


    NameValue (dec / bin)Description
     1 / 00001
    Denotes if the host is a dedicated Qube Worker. (This flag is obsolete and no longer carries any meaning)
     2 / 00010
    Notify the Supervisor that it should identify the Worker by its hostname rather than its ip address. This allows the Supervisor to migrate host information rather than create a new host with the same name.
     4 / 00100
    Enables the Windows Auto-Mounting system. The Worker will automatically mount drives which were detected in the user's environment any time the auto_mount job flag is set. (Windows only)
     8 / 01000
    The Worker will automatically remove any logs which it used as temporary storage while running a job. Should only be disabled for debugging purposes.
    16 / 10000
    The Worker will use the Windows profile when running the job. (Windows only)
    auto_removeAutomatically remove the worker from the supervisor's list of hosts when the worker service is stopped.


    worker_flags = "auto_mount,load_profile,auto_remove"


    • Linux & OS X:  "remove_logs"
    • Windows:         "remove_logs,load_profile,auto_mount"