qbpreempt requests the Supervisor to tell a job to release its host if and when it can do so without wasting CPU time.  The job will be removed from the host when it finishes the frame or agenda item it's working on, and asks the Supervisor for another agenda item.  Instead, the Supervisor will instruct the job to "get off" the worker. 

    The job instance that was removed from the worker will then go back into a pending state, and await re-dispatch as workers again become available.

    This command depends upon the job type and will only work if the job that is running supports a qube agenda-based system.


    qbpreempt [optionsjobID… | 0

    where JobID is one or more job IDs, and 0 is a wild card token representing all the user's jobs.







    Preempt work (default: on)


    Preempt subjobs (default: on)


    Preempt running jobs


    Preempt running work


    Preempt running subjobs

    --user string

    Preempt jobs for user string

    --type string --prototype string

    Preempt jobs with string type

    --status string

    Preempt jobs with string status (ex. pending)

    --name string

    Preempt jobs with string name

    --kind string

    Preempt jobs of string kind

    --pid int

    Preempt jobs with process ID int

    --pgrp int

    Preempt jobs in int process group

    --priority int

    Preempt jobs with int priority

    --cluster string

    Preempt jobs in string cluster

    --cpus int

    Preempt jobs with a total of int subjobs


    Output in XML format


    Command help


    Command version


    This command only works on jobs which are in the running state.


    Preempt only subjob 12354.0:

    qbpreempt 12354.0

    Preempt all subjobs in 12345:

    qbpreempt 12345

    Preempt all of user anthony's jobs:

    qbpreempt --user anthony 0

    Preempt all of user anthony's running jobs:

    qbpreempt --running --user anthony 0

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