Qube! Advanced User's Guide

    This guide is aimed at advanced users and render wranglers - people who manage other people's jobs and who monitor the farm to make sure it is performing well. Most of the discussion centers around the WranglerView UI, but there are other topics covered. The WranglerView UI also provides a number of interactive mechanisms for Admins to monitor and configure Qube! - those are mentioned in this section for completeness, but dealt with in detail in the Administrator's Guide. Many of the administration tasks are also possible in the Qube! UI but the following are missing.

    • Setup Wizard.
    • Supervisor service/daemon management (start/stop/autostart).
    • Worker service/daemon management (start/stop/autostart).
    • User Permissions.
    • Lights Out management command support.



    For users submitting and managing their own jobs, see the User's Guide documentation..

    The Administrator's Guide discusses installing and tuning Qube! for specific deployments.

    TDs and other technical users can create their own jobtypes and also script customizations of Qube!. These actions are explained in the Developer's Guide.


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