qbmigrate requests the Supervisor to tell a job to release its host immediately. This job is then restricted from starting on the same host(s) again for the duration of supervisor_migrate_timeout.


    qbmigrate [optionsjobID… | 0

    where JobID is one or more job IDs, and 0 is a wild card token representing all the user's jobs.





    Migrate work (default: on)


    Migrate subjobs (default: on)


    Migrate running jobs


    Migrate pending jobs

    --user string

    Migrate jobs for user string

    --type string --prototype string

    Migrate jobs with string type

    --status string

    Migrate jobs with string status (ex. pending)

    --name string

    Migrate jobs with string name

    --kind string

    Migrate jobs of string kind

    --pid int

    Migrate jobs with process ID int

    --pgrp int

    Migrate jobs in int process group

    --priority int

    Migrate jobs with int priority

    --cluster string

    Migrate jobs in string cluster

    --cpus int

    Migrate jobs with a total of int subjobs


    Output in XML format


    Command help


    Command version


    This command only works on running jobs.


    Migrate only subjob 12354.0:

    qbmigrate 12354.0

    Migrate all subjobs in 12345:

    qbmigrate 12345

    Migrate all of anthony's jobs:

    qbmigrate --user anthony 0

    Migrate all of anthony's jobs which are running:

    qbmigrate --running --user anthony 0

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