Administrators may want to permanently remove a host from the farm. This is normally required if the host is no longer being used as a Worker, or no longer exists.

    Removing a Worker host places it in a list of banned hosts and the Supervisor will no longer track the host, even if auto-discovery would normally register such a host with the Supervisor.


    A banned worker will be unable to re-register with the supervisor until its ban has been cleared.

    Worker Removal

    With WranglerView:

    From the command-line:

    % qbadmin worker --remove worker_host
    Where worker_host is the hostname or IP address of a Worker.

    Clearing the ban on a worker

    Qube! administrators may also clear banned hosts so that they will be able to register with the Supervisor.

    With WranglerView:

    from the command-line:

    Clearing a single host from the banned list
    % qbadmin worker --unremove mac_address
    Where mac_address is the hardware address of a Worker.

    Clearing all of the banned hosts
    % qbadmin worker --clearbanned

    Note: Once you clear the ban on a previously removed worker, you should just have to re-start the Worker service, at which point it will re-attempt to register with the supervisor.

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