New In Qube! 8.0 Core / Supervisor / Worker

    PipelineFX’s latest release of Qube!, version 8.0, includes:

    Additional improvements to the Qube! UI

    Updated "Shotgrid" (previously "Shotgun") integration

    New OS Support including:

    • Rocky Linux

    • AlmaLinux

    • macOS latest

    • Windows 11

    • Windows Server 2022

    Python 3.9 and 3.10 API support

    Unreal Jobtype and Unreal Engine 5.0 Movie Render Queue integration 

    Avid MediaEncoder “server” jobtype for format conversions

    Updated job submissions

      • After Effects 2022 and Multi-Frame Rendering
      • Autodesk Maya 2023
      • Autodesk 3dsMax 2023
      • AutoDesk VREDPro 2023
      • Maxon Cinema 4D R25

    The new Qube! UI allows for several ways to view host and job data. Users can create their own highly customizable, structured worker and job tree views, watch multiple job or worker lists simultaneously, or take a quick look at job status while using other applications by just hitting a hotkey. Searching for job or worker data just became easier through the use of new system wide variables alongside new text based advanced filtering. Just type in a few key words, and results are listed. And to find data quickly, the new standard expression log bookmarking feature allows for a fast return to important log data. Job and host management are faster, more scalable for large farms, and easier to quickly change views as needed. Customers can upgrade and continue seamlessly using Qube! across all portions of their pipeline. Customizable colors and themes make the interface more comfortable to use for any working style or preference, and there is no need to refresh the UI to acquire job status. Real time push updates alway display the latest information.


    The Qube! UI also features the Qube! Previewer which supports sequence playback. While previewing, users can change frame rates, choose proxy, zoom, and pan. The new Previewer also supports all formats of OIIO with OCIO color management..


    New In Qube UI 8.0

    Check out the Qube UI User Guide for an in depth explanation of the functionality and introduction to the new features.


    WranglerView Deprecated


    WranglerView has been replaced by the new Qube! UI, so WV will no longer be included in any Qube! Installer package starting with version 8.0-0. 


    See this screenshot and several others of the new Qube! UI on our website.

    [screenshot of UI 8.0]

    Highlights of the Qube! UI included in version 8.0-0:

    • Added support for After Effects Multi-Frame Rendering
    • Added a Media Encoder submission UI
    • Submission and in-app support for latest C4D releases
    • VRED jobtype Python3 compatibility
    • Added VRED support for QubeUI
    • Added Unreal Movie Render Queue submission ui
    • Updated Shotgrid integration
    • Added images to movie plugin
    • Job tags work from pulldown menu
    • Added description field to workers display
    • Added cluster field to jobs display
    • Made config on supervisor and lock schedule available from workercontext menu
    • Added Dependency graph
    • Added Time Graphs for frame and instance time
    • Added Windows watchdog lock/unlocking
    • Added QBConfig and config on supervisor panels
    • Filter running instances
    • Scheduled locking panel
    • Select instance from running worker context menu
    • Filter Jobs list by jobs running on selected hos internal plugin. Updated supervisoeProxy to send running jobs to clients
    • Kill added to instance and running instance context menu via plugin
    • Frames resubmit plugin
    • Unbanning of hosts from the bannedHosts widget in the admin UI
    • Database admin functions added, validated on Linux. Need to check and update the path to the scripts for Mac and Windows
    • Added Load saved job from file option
    • Resources added to host properties
    • Added log limiting to N lines (number of lines is specified in the preferences for qubeUI)


    New In WranglerView 8.0

    WranglerView Deprecated


    WranglerView has been replaced by the new Qube! UI, so WV will no longer be included in any Qube! Installer package starting with version 8.0-0. 


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