The Qube! UI

    The Qube! UI is the main graphical interface for working with your Qube! farm. Submit and watch jobs, manage workers and preview renders. The new UI replaces ArtistView which has been removed from 7.5-0. Most of WranglerView is also replaced in the new UI but until everything is included WV will still ship with Qube!. You can see a list of missing features at the bottom of this page.

    Qube! UI documentation

    1. Working with Layouts
    2. Panels
    3. The Mini Jobs View
    4. Job Submission
    5. Preferences


    Features missing in Qube! UI

    There are currently missing features in the new 7.5-0 Qube! UI that you will still need to perform in WrangerView.

    • Dependency graphs.
    • Time graphs.


    There are also administration features currently missing in the new UI, use either WrangerView or the command line for these tasks.

    • Setup Wizard.
    • Supervisor service/daemon management (start/stop/autostart).
    • Worker service/daemon management (start/stop/autostart).
    • User Permissions.
    • Lights Out management command support.


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