There are several ways to do this in Qube, but a best practice that we recommend is to use the worker's cluster and restrictions as outlined in How to use clustering for workers.

    Essentially, you set a worker's worker_cluster and worker_restrictions to the same value, so that a worker:


    Then, your users will submit jobs to that cluster by setting that job's cluster value to the name of the cluster; this job will have best priority on the workers in that cluster, but will be free to also run on hosts in other clusters (at a reduced priority).

    If the job should only run on workers in that cluster, the user should also set the job's restrictions to the cluster name in which they wish the job to run.

    Here's how I'd set up the qbwrk.conf to have hosts A - D all be in the /project1 cluster, but hostC will only run jobs from that cluster.

    # define the template, currently only specifies the cluster, but can be any combination of parameters
    worker_cluster = "/project1"
    # all 4 hosts inherit from the "project1" template
    [hostA] : project1
    [hostB] : project1
    # hostC inherits the "project1" template, but also sets the worker_restriction
    [hostC] : project1
    worker_restrictions = "/project1
    [hostD] : project1

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