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    1. Stop Activity on the Farm
      It's good practice to first stop current farm activity before doing an upgrade of the Supervisor. Run the following command from a command shell to stop dispatch activity and reject new submissions.
      1. % qbadmin supervisor --set reject_submit
      2. % qbadmin supervisor --set stop_activity
        Wait for all activity to stop. Block any remaining jobs by the QubeGUI if needed.

    2. Stop the Supervisor service.
      Linux: # /sbin/service supervisor stop
      OS X: SystemStarter stop supervisor 
      Win: (dialog): Services Window->Supervisor->stop
      Win (cmdline): net stop qubesupervisor

    3. Uninstall the old version of Qube and install the new version:
      1. rpm –Uvh -e qube-core-ver-releaseos.arch.rpm 
      2. rpm –Uvh -e qube-supervisor-ver-release-os.arch.rpm 
      3. rpm –ivh qube-core-ver-releaseos.arch.rpm 
      4. rpm –ivh qube-supervisor-ver-release-os.arch.rpm 
      OS X:
      1. Follow the standard installation with the .pkg/.mpkg installers (see Installation section for details). The installers will show "Update" instead of "Install" to indicate this is an update. 
      1. Open the "Start->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs" and remove the Qube Components ("Qube! Supervisor Service", "Qube! Core", etc).

    4. Install the new Qube Core and Supervisor (see Installation section for details).