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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 7.0-0

    If both of the following conditions are true, you will need to take the extra steps outlined in Transferring data from MySQL to PostgreSQL when upgrading the supervisor:

    • You are upgrading the supervisor from pre-7.0 to Qube 7 (for example from 6.10-0a to 7.0-0)

    • You wish to bring your Qube 6 job data forward into Qube 7



    titleEnsure that database_port is commented out (if present) in your supervisor's qb.conf file

    We have seen cases with customers upgrading from Qube 6 to Qube 7 where the supervisor is attempting to connect to the PostgreSQL server on the default port for MySQL. This is due to the database_port being defined in the qb.conf file, but still set to the value for a MySQL server.

    Qube! versioning is indicated by major, minor, and point releases in the format major.minor.point (e.g. 5.5.0).