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    Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from this space and version 6.10-0


    Mask sets some global Supervisor configuration parameters. Sum the settings to determine a composite value enabling each setting or list them in text form delimited by commas.


    disable_submit_checkDisable submit-time sanity checks (for valid "hosts", "groups", "cluster", "requirements", "reservations", etc.)
    enforce_passwordForces Windows users to set a password using qblogin.
    host_recontactEnable the Supervisor to attempt to recontact a host marked DOWN.
    heartbeat_monitorEnable the heartbeat Worker host monitoring system.
    running_monitorEnable the Supervisor to track running jobs more aggressively.
    stub_optimizeEnable stub optimization, the Supervisor will group similar jobs in its queuing decisions. While this is a lot faster, it also removes the supervisor's ability to keep a FIFO order of jobs, and auto-expand jobs may only expand at the initial job evaluation at submission time.
    remove_logsEnable log removal upon job removal. This value is intended for smaller installations where log space isn't managed by an administrator.
    retry_busy Allow the supervisor to re-attempt dispatch to a worker that has responded that it's busy starting another job instance.