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    supervisor_default_security = comma-separated list of permission names or an integer mask


    If you wish to use the integer value instead of the comma-separated list, add up the base-10 integer values to determine a composite permission setting, or perform a logical OR operation on the hexadecimal values (bet no one's ever done that...) and then convert them to decimal. In the case of high security systems, one you will probably not want to allow any permissions to all general users unless specified.


    Submission Permissions

    nameinteger value (base 10)hex (base16)description
    submit_job10x1submit new jobs
    submit_callback20x2submit jobs with callbacks
    submit_global_callback40x4submit jobs with global callbacks


    nameinteger value (base 10)hex (base16)description
    lock_host1342177280x8000000lock/unlock a Worker machine
    sudo_admin2684354560x10000000set user as Sudo Administrator
    impersonate5368709120x20000000allows users to submit jobs as other users
    admin10737418240x40000000allow user to manage others jobs


    supervisor_default_security = 1048564
    supervisor_default_security = kill,bump


    supervisor_default_security = submit_job,submit_callback,kill,remove,modify,preempt,block,unblock,interrupt,
    supervisor_default_security = 136314867