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    Stock Tag Names

    Five tags are named after common ways that studios manage their projects:

    1. show
    2. shot
    3. seq (sequence)
    4. client
    5. dept
    Generic Tag Names

    Five more are 'generic' names for those customers whose needs are not met by 1 or more of the 5 "stock" fields.  These will appear in the  WranglerView and QubeArtistView as:

    1. Custom1
    2. Custom2
    3. Custom3
    4. Custom4
    5. Custom5

    If your site elects to use the generic fields, you should ensure that you use them consistently.  If, for example, you have a "category" value, and you decide you want your Custom1 field to store your Category values, do not use the Custom1 field for anything else.  Also do not store the Category values in any other of the custom fields.  If you do erroneously enter a value into an incorrect field, you can always "modify" the job at a later date to fix this.

    Future versions of Qube! will allow for an alternate name to be displayed for these "generic" fields; QubeArtistView currently provides for a way to do this in the user preferences (see here), but the design goal is to define these on the supervisor, and not have to define them for each user.

    Tags and Job Submission

    Tag fields can be displayed or suppressed in the job submission UI's by settings in the WranglerView user preferences:

    If the "Only in Expert Mode" field is checked, then the tag field will normally be hidden, but can be exposed by ticking the "Expert mode" checkbox at the bottom of the submission UI.

    Tag fields pull-down lists are auto-populated

    The tag fields in the submission UI's can be manually filled in, or the user can select from a list of values that already exist in the Qube job database.  Manually entering a new value and then submitting the job will automatically enable that new tag name to be displayed in your and other users' pull-down lists.

    For those sites with a large number of tags for a given field (hundreds of shots for example), the "Show only tags from my jobs" checkbox in the Tags preferences can be used to filter down the size of the pull-down list.

    Tags and the Qube! API

    The tags are attributes at the top level of the job object, and are all prefaced with prod_.

    • prod_show
    • prod_shot
    • prod_seq
    • prod_client
    • prod_dept
    • prod_custom1
    • prod_custom2
    • prod_custom3
    • prod_custom4
    • prod_custom5

    They are accessible as top-level keys in the job dictionary as:

    job['prod_show'],  job['prod_seq'],  etc...

    Tags and the Qube! MySQL Data Warehouse

    If your site wishes to write custom cost or usage report generators, the various tags are all in tables and columns which follow a naming convention.

    For example, the Show tag's internal name is prod_show , so its data warehouse dimension table is named  prod_show_dim , and the show lookup key in the other tables is named  prod_show_sk .  For the Shot tag, the internal name is prod_shot , and the table and columns are prod_shot_dim and prod_shot_sk .

    Here's how to find the sum total of CPU-minutes used for each show for a range of jobs (in your case your WHERE clause would probably specify a time range, and not "jobs greater than 41000":

    No Format
    USE pfx_dw;
        , SEC_TO_TIME(SUM(cpu_seconds)) AS cpu_minutes
        job_fact AS fact
        INNER JOIN
            prod_show_dim AS prod_show 
        job_id > 41000
    | name       | cpu_minutes |
    |            | 00:00:05    |
    | new Show 2 | 00:11:25    |
    | newShow    | 00:05:00    |

    See Also:

    A Primer for the pfx_dw Data Warehouse Schema

    Tags and the WranglerView Performance Charts

    The various job tag fields can also be used in the WV performance charts to compare running frames or amount of pending work in the queue between shows, shots, etc.

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