qbsummary obtains a quick summary of the farm's status. By default, qbsummary shows the breakdown of subjobs at each priority level (--pvs)


    qbsummary [options]





    Cluster list


    Detailed long format

    --width int

    Set column width to int characters (default: 3)


    Priority Vs. Subjob Status


    Cluster Vs. Subjob Status


    User Vs. Subjob Status


    Group Vs. Subjob Status


    Cluster/Priority Vs. Subjob Status


    Reservation Vs. Subjob Status


    Account Vs. Subjob Status


    Type Vs. Subjob Status


    Priority Vs. Work Status


    Cluster Vs. Work Status


    User Vs. Work Status


    Group Vs. Work Status


    Cluster/Priority Vs. Work Status


    Reservation Vs. Work Status


    Account Vs. Work Status


    Type Vs. Work Status


    Command help


    Command version




    Breakdown by priority, for both job instances and agenda items (usually frames, sometimes referred to as "work"): 

    jburk$ qbsummary -l

    Breakdown by cluster and job instances:

    jburk$ qbsummary -cvs -l

    Breakdown by cluster and  work (frame) counts: Note: you can have blocked frames, with no blocked job instances.

    jburk$ qbsummary -cvw -l

    Breakdown by user and work (frame) counts:

    jburk$ qbsummary --uvw -l

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