qbblock requests the Supervisor to suspend a job by immediately killing it, and marking it as blocked. This will effectively stop a job and place it in an idle state to be requeued or killed later.


    qbblock [optionsjobID… | 0

    where JobID is one or more job IDs, and 0 is a wild card token representing all the user's jobs. 





    Block work (default: on)


    Block subjobs (default: on)


    Block running jobs


    Block pending jobs


    Block running work


    Block pending work


    Block running subjob


    Block pending subjob

    --user string

    Block jobs for user string

    --type string --prototype string

    Block jobs with string type

    --status string

    Block jobs with string status (ex. pending)

    --name string

    Block jobs with string name

    --kind string

    Block jobs of string kind

    --pid int

    Block jobs with process ID int

    --pgrp int

    Block jobs in int process group

    --priority int

    Block jobs with int priority

    --cluster string

    Block jobs in string cluster

    --cpus int

    Block jobs with a total of int subjobs


    Output in XML format


    Command help


    Command version


    This command only works on jobs which are considered active. Jobs which have already completed will be ignored. (ex. complete, killed, failed)

    In order to kill jobs, the user must have either of the following qube privileges:

    • block
    • admin

    Refer to User Permissions or qbusers for more detail on the Qube! permission scheme


     Block only subjob 12354.0:

    qbblock 12354.0

    Block all subjobs in 12345:

    qbblock 12345

    Block all of user anthony's jobs:

    qbblock --user anthony 0

    Block all of user anthony's jobs which are running:

    qbblock --running --user anthony 0

    Block only the jobs which are pending in the list of jobs 11234, 1235, and subjob 1236.0:

    qbblock --pending 11234 1235 1236.0

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