qbadmin provides command-line administration of various aspects Qube!


    qbadmin mode [options]

    where mode is either supervisorworker or local.

    mode may be shortened to s, w, or l




    mode: supervisor



    List all Supervisor hosts.


    Backups all of the supervisor's data.


    Auto-detects all available supervisors.


    Display the configuration for the Supervisor.

    --rereadReread the qb.conf configuration file to update dynamically-modifiable parameters

    -set reject_submit-set stop_activity

    Set Supervisor mode

    -unset reject_submit-unset stop_activity

    Unsets Supervisor mode


    Display the current state of all global resources.

    --globalcallback language triggers code

    Submit a globalcallback language is: "perl", "python", or "qube" triggers are callback trigger events code is source code for callback


    Send a test email via SMTP using qb.conf settings.

    mode: worker


    --remove string

    Remove and ban Worker list string

    --unremove macaddr [macaddr]Clear ban on worker  [macaddress].

    --reboot string…

    Reboot Worker list string

    --shutdown string…

    Shutdown Worker list string


    Force the Supervisor to re-detect all of its workers.


    Clear all workers from the "banned" list.


    Push out new configuration to the workers.

    --configuration string

    Display the configuration for the Worker string

    --assignments string

    Query the Worker string directly for jobs it is currently working on.


    Command help


    Command version


    The user must have Qube! admin privileges to use this command. Refer to User Permissions or qbusers for more detail on the Qube! permission scheme


    Tell the Supervisor to re-read the qbwrk.conf and signal the workers to request a new remote configuration from the Supervisor:

    % qbadmin worker --reconfigure

    Tell the Supervisor to stop tracking host machine01:

    % qbadmin w --remove machine01

    Test the supervisor's mail configuration:

    % qbadmin supervisor --emailtest

    Display the supervisor's running configuration:

    % qbadmin s --config

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