By default Qube! chooses any host (Worker) in the list of hosts which qualify. If given a choice, a job is allowed to prefer a particular host based upon its attributes. This is established using the Qube! resources and priorities defined earlier in the Requirements section of this document.

    Any worker resource or property can be specified, but the most commonly used are:

    • host.processors
    • host.memory
    • host.processor_speed



    The + or  in the expression is used to determine if the job would prefer the largest or smallest value possible.  If neither is used, + is assumed.



    % qbsub --hostorder "host.processor_speed" Render

    Choose the fastest host
    % qbsub --hostorder "-host.processors.used" Render myscene.maChoose the host with the least number of worker slots in use
    % qbsub --hostorder "host.processor_speed,host.processors.avail" Render myscene.maChoose the fastest host with the most available worker_slots

    The system will use the hostorder specification only when initially choosing the most preferable Worker for the job itself. Once it has chosen a host, it will try to fill it up with instances from the job until the host is full. In other words, the system will not attempt to apply the hostorder to select a host for each individual instance.

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