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    Job Name
    This is the name of the job of the job so it can be easily identified in the Qube! UI.

    Every job in Qube is assigned a numeric priority. Priority 1 is higher than priority 100. This is similar to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. The default priority assigned to a job is 9999.

    Farm Concurrency CPUs
    This is the number of copies of the application that will run at the same time across the network. The combination of "Instances=1" and "Max Instances=-1" means that this job will take as much of the farm as it can, and all jobs will share evenly across the farm.


    On a 12 slot(core) machine running Maya if you set
    "Instances" to 4
    "Reservations" to "host.processors=3"
    Qube! will open 4 sessions of Maya on the Worker(s) simultaneously, which may consume all slots/cores on a given Worker.

    if you set
    "Instances" to 1
    "Reservations" to "host.processors=1+"
    Qube will open 1 session of Maya on a Worker, consuming all slots/cores ("host.processors=1+" is used for all slots/cores).

    Farm Concurrency Max
    If resources are available, Qube! will spawn more than 'Instances' copies of the application, but no more than 'Max Instances'. The default of -1 means there is no maximum. If this is set to 0, then it won't spawn more than 'Instances' copies.

    More on Instances & Reservations & SmartShare Studio Defaults

    Threads per instance
    Number of threads requested per instances.

    Instances use all cores
    This checkbox sets the instances to request all cores on a worker.

    Frame range for the job (e.g 1-100, or 1-100x3, or 1,3,7,10). Most jobs require a frame range to execute on the Workers. You can set this range in a few different ways :

    • "1-100" will just render the range between 1 and 100
    • "1-100x3" will render every 3rd frame in the range 1 to 100; 1, 4, 7, ..., 94, 97, 100
    • "1,3,7,10" will only render the selected frames 1,3,7,10

    Range Execution Order
    Order to render the items. (Ascending=1,2,3,4,5...,Descending=10,9,8...,Binary=first,middle,last...) You can set the order in which your frames are rendered. The drop down options are:

    • "Ascending" - this will render the frames counting upwards from your start frame
    • "Decending" - this will render the frames counting backwards from your end frame
    • "Binary" - This will render the first, last, and middle frames of the range, then the middle frame of the first half and the middle frame of the second half, and so on. This is useful for sampling the frames in the sequence to make sure it is rendering correctly.

    Number of times to retry a failed frame/job instance. The default value of -1 means don't retry.

    Retry Delay
    Number of seconds between retries.

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