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    This is the name of the job of the job so it can be easily identified in the Qube! UI.

    Every job in Qube is assigned a numeric priority. Priority 1 is higher than priority 100. This is similar to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. The default priority assigned to a job is 9999.

    This is the number of copies of the application that will run at the same time across the network. The combination of "Instances=1" and "Max Instances=-1" means that this job will take as much of the farm as it can, and all jobs will share evenly across the farm.


    On a 12 slot(core) machine running Maya if you set
    "Instances" to 4
    "Reservations" to "host.processors=3"
    Qube! will open 4 sessions of Maya on the Worker(s) simultaneously, which may consume all slots/cores on a given Worker.

    if you set
    "Instances" to 1
    "Reservations" to "host.processors=1+"
    Qube will open 1 session of Maya on a Worker, consuming all slots/cores ("host.processors=1+" is used for all slots/cores).

    Max Instances
    If resources are available, Qube! will spawn more than 'Instances' copies of the application, but no more than 'Max Instances'. The default of -1 means there is no maximum. If this is set to 0, then it won't spawn more than 'Instances' copies.

    More on Instances & Reservations & SmartShare Studio Defaults

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