Each time you run the installer, a kickstart file is generated.  This file will be saved next to the manifest file that was used for installation.  The filename is in the format qube-component_group-install_version-kickstart.qks, e.g qube-upgrade-6.4-4-kickstart.qks or qube-worker-6.4-4-kickstart.qks. The kickstart file can be used by the installer to replicate the install/upgrade on another computer. This is an OS independent file, so you can, for example, install or upgrade across Linux, macOS, and Windows using the same kickstart file on the command line of each OS.

    The kickstart file contains the list of the components that were selected for installation, uninstallation, the component group selection, and the supervisor discovery parameters if they were provided. It follows, then, that a kickstart file could be used to manage the removal of Qube! components as well as it can be used for install or upgrade.  For the component group options "Upgrade Installed" or "Uninstall Everything", the exact component selection saved in the kickstart file is ignored and will be replaced at run time.  For all other component group selections, the exact selections for install and uninstall will be replicated each time the kickstart file is used. In either case, when running on the command line (without a GUI), any component that needs to be downloaded will be downloaded by the installer before it is installed. If the component has already been downloaded by one computer, it will not be downloaded again by subsequent computers (assuming the location of the manifest, and therefore individual component installation files, is on a shared file server).



    To use the kickstart file, you must run the installer on the command line.  In fact, the installer may only be run on the command line when used in conjunction with a kickstart file.  Once the file is created, usage is quite simple:

    /path/to/qubeInstaller.version.os.exe /path/to/qube-kickstart.qks

    macOS users


    On macOS, the installer is an application package. You must run the binary inside the application package in order to use command line options. The binary in the applicaiton package will be, for example, in, in which case, an macOS user would run the above command as:

    sudo /path/to/qube-kickstart.qks

    "Upgrade Installed" kickstart files are agnostic with respect to type and operating system

    As mentioned above, the "Upgrade Installed" and "Uninstall Everything" component group options will make the installer evaluate the component selection at runtime.  If the admin wanted to upgrade all Qube! computers in a farm, they would simply run an upgrade install on a single computer (choosing the "Upgrade Installed" component group) then run the installer on every other machine with the qube-upgrade-6.x-x.qks file that was generated by the installer.  Even if one machine is a Supervisor, a second is a Worker, and a third is only a Client, the upgrade kickstart file will do what is expected and upgrade all the components on the local machine.


    The directory that contains the manifest, kickstart, and subdirectories for OS-dependent installation files (the local repository) is portable. It can be moved from one directory to another or from one machine to another or from one OS to another.

    The local repository may be on a network disk; on Windows the installer will copy the install packages to local disk prior to the install.

    Example Usage

    briank$ sudo qube-upgrade-6.4-4-kickstart.qks
    INFO: Running in non-UI mode
    INFO: Adding component_qube-core to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-supervisor to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-worker to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qubegui to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qubeArtistView to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-mayajt to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-mentalrayjt to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-miGenjt to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-mtorjt to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-pyHoudinijt to ftp queue
    INFO: Adding component_qube-pyNukejt to ftp queue
    qube-worker               100.0%
    qubegui                   100.0%
    qube-supervisor           100.0%
    qube-mayajt               100.0%
    qube-mentalrayjt          100.0%
    qube-miGenjt              100.0%
    qubeArtistView            100.0%
    qube-mtorjt               100.0%
    qube-pyHoudinijt          100.0%
    qube-pyNukejt             100.0%
    qube-core                 100.0%
    qube-pyNukejt    Uninstalling...
    qube-pyNukejt        Uninstalled
    qube-pyHoudinijt Uninstalling...
    qube-pyHoudinijt     Uninstalled
    qube-mtorjt      Uninstalling...
    qube-mtorjt          Uninstalled
    qube-miGenjt     Uninstalling...
    qube-miGenjt         Uninstalled
    qube-mentalrayjt Uninstalling...
    qube-mentalrayjt     Uninstalled
    qube-mayajt      Uninstalling...
    qube-mayajt          Uninstalled
    qubeArtistView   Uninstalling...
    qubeArtistView       Uninstalled
    qubegui          Uninstalling...
    qubegui              Uninstalled
    qube-worker      Uninstalling...
    INFO: worker has shut down.
    qube-worker          Uninstalled
    qube-supervisor  Uninstalling...
    INFO: supervisor has shut down.
    qube-supervisor      Uninstalled
    qube-core        Uninstalling...
    qube-core            Uninstalled
    qube-core          Installing...
    qube-core                  6.4-4
    qube-supervisor    Installing...
    qube-supervisor            6.4-4
    qube-worker        Installing...
    qube-worker                6.4-4
    qubegui            Installing...
    qubegui                    6.4-4
    qubeArtistView     Installing...
    qubeArtistView             1.0-2
    qube-mayajt        Installing...
    qube-mayajt                6.4-1
    qube-mentalrayjt   Installing...
    qube-mentalrayjt           6.4-0
    qube-miGenjt       Installing...
    qube-miGenjt               6.4-0
    qube-mtorjt        Installing...
    qube-mtorjt                6.4-0
    qube-pyHoudinijt   Installing...
    qube-pyHoudinijt           6.4-0
    qube-pyNukejt      Installing...
    qube-pyNukejt              6.4-0

    | Qube Upgrade Report |
    | qube-miGenjt | 6.4-0 |
    | qube-pyHoudinijt | 6.4-0 |
    | qube-worker | 6.4-4 |
    | qube-supervisor | 6.4-4 |
    | qube-core | 6.4-4 |
    | qube-mtorjt | 6.4-0 |
    | qube-pyNukejt | 6.4-0 |
    | qubegui | 6.4-4 |
    | qube-mentalrayjt | 6.4-0 |
    | qube-mayajt | 6.4-1 |
    | qubeArtistView | 1.0-2 |

    Install Complete

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