This script is used in Mac OS X and Windows to rotate logs. In Linux, log rotation is handled via the logrotated daemon, and so is not a part of the install. See Log Rotation.


    • Mac OS X:   /Applications/pfx/qube/utils/
    • Windows:    C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\utils\


    Usage: [-s <logSize> -k <logCount>] <logFile>
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -s MAX LOG SIZE, --size=MAX LOG SIZE
                            log size threshold which will trigger a log rotation -
                            eg. 100000000, 100000K 100M, 0.1G
      -k COUNT, --keep=COUNT
                            number of logs to keep - default: 4
      -n, --dry-run         do a dry run, but do not actually perform the
                            rotation; implies verbose=True
      -v, --verbose       



    $ -s 75M /var/log/supelogRotate the supelog at 75M
    $ -s 0.25G /var/log/workerlogRotate the workerlog at 250M (0.25G == 250M)
    $ -n -s 50M /var/log/supelogDisplay what the log rotation script will do, but do not actually do the rotation (a dry run)


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