The Qube! UI Pipeline Panel

    If you are a Qube! administrator you will have access to the Pipeline panel in the View->panels menu, the Pipeline panel allows you to do two things.

    1. Define pipeline developers. A pipeline developer has additional rights in the Qube! UI, for example they can edit panel plugins.
    2. Define pipeline (system-wide) variables. A system-wide variable can be used (read-only) in plugins and inside the Console Panel. The example below shows a string list variable 'BlenderVersions', this can be used, for example, by a Blender submission script to give the user a choice of which Blender version to use for the render. When you install a new version of Blender, instead of modifying the submission plugin just add the new version number to the variable, if you uninstall a version on your workers just remove it here. See Panel Plugins for a more interesting use of the 'BlenderVersions' variable.

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