The Metered License Agent (MLA) has several command-line arguments that extend its functionality to cover various scenarios. 


    Usage: /Applications/pfx/qube/mla/mla [options]
    Metered License Agent
      -h, --help                 Displays this help.
      -v, --version              Displays version information.
      --production               Run the agent in production (as opposed to
                                 development) mode.
      --devel                    Run the agent in development (as opposed to
                                 production) mode.
      --user <user>              MLS login user, defaults to $PFX_MLS_USER.
      --password <password>      MLS login password, defaults to $PFX_MLS_PASSWD.
      --server <server>          Use the given MLS server.
      --check-creds              Check login details.
      --check-MAC                Check MAC registration.
      --check-supe-ping          Check connectivity to the supervisor.
      --check                    Check MLS system.
      --debug                    Run the agent in debug mode.
      --records <records>        Set the number of records to post, defaults to 15.
      --supervisor <supervisor>  Set the supervisor to check usage on.

    Scenario: Report usage for multiple supervisors

    By default, the MLA will report data for the supervisor defined as qb_supervisor in the local qb.conf.  But you can also specify a supervisor by passing a --supervisor command argument to the MLA


    /usr/local/pfx/qube/mla/mla --supervisor supe_1
    /usr/local/pfx/qube/mla/mla --supervisor supe_2

    Scenario: Change the reporting interval

    The MLA will report data every 15 minutes by default, but you may change this if you wish by specifying the number of records to collect before sending with a --records argument.  Since the MLA collects records every minute, if you tell it to transmit every time it has collected 5 records, it will send data every 5 minutes.

    Note that there's not much benefit to changing this value, the amount of data sent even for 100 records is minimal.  But adjusting this value does affect the update interval for your "spend to date" value in the metered portal. 


    /usr/local/pfx/qube/mla/mla --records 5


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