All Worker parameters can be configured locally in the Worker's qb.conf file. These parameters can be specified by either one of two ways:

    • From the WranglerView UI under "Administration->Configure Local Host…". This will modify the qb.conf for the user and then prompt the Worker service to restart automatically. You must be root or an Admin user or a user with write permission for the qb.conf file in order to do this.
    • Manually modify the qb.conf directly with a text editor. You want to find the section marked "WORKER SETTINGS" or look for configuration lines that start with "worker_". Most of these are commented out - uncomment them and change to your desired settings.

    When you are finished editing the qb.conf file, restart the Worker service


    The following parameters are only settable locally on the Worker as they determine where the Qube! installation is located, the hostname of the Supervisor, and the filtering field for network communication.

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