The Qube! UI Frames Panel

    If you have a job selected in any Jobs Panel then that job's frames will be listed in the Frames Panel. In order to reduce load on the supervisor the Frames Panel does not update automatically. To update the Frames Panel double click on the job in any Jobs Panel.

    Selecting a frame in the Frames Panel affects other panels. For example the Preview Panel will seek to the selected frame.

    Right-clicking on an instance allows you to perform the following actions.

    • Select worker: Display the Workers Panel and select the worker than rendered this Frame.
    • Complete: Change the state of this frame to "complete," even if it has not yet run.
    • Retry: Re-render the selected frame(s)
    • Block: Set the frame's state to "blocked".  This will prevent the frame from being rendering until it (or the job) is manually unblocked.
    • Unblock: Remove the block from the frame, setting it back to a pending state.
    • Kill: Stop this from immediately and set the state to "killed".

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