A client is something (often a machine) that is going to submit jobs, but not run them. Compared to the Worker, client configuration is a very simple process - the only thing that requires configuration is the name of the Supervisor. The Supervisor setting can be explicitly set, or it can be determined using auto-discovery.

    Like the Workers, Qube! clients can use Supervisor auto-discovery to automatically determine the Supervisor if on the same network subnet. There is a drawback to using auto-discovery: each time a client application executes, it must rediscover the Supervisor. This could result in a slight increase in network traffic or a noticeable delay in execution as the clients waits for a response to the query.

    To avoid this added network traffic, you should explicitly set the Supervisor hostname for the client. This can be done from the WranglerView UI under "Administration->Configure (local)…" or by manually editing the client's qb.conf file to specify the qb_supervisor value.

    File Locations

    The qb.conf file is located in the following directories depending on the platform:

    • Linux & OS X:              /etc
    • Windows XP/2003:        C:\Windows
    • Windows Vista/2008:   C:\ProgramData\pfx\qube

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