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    The Data Relay Agent (DRA)

    The DRA serves as a gateway between the collectors and the cloud-based metrics server. It can be installed either on the supervisor, on another host on the same network, or on a host outside of a firewall.

    DRA Installation Scenarios

    Installed on the supervisor



    Installed on another host on the internal network



    Installed on a DMZ host



    Ports in use

    The DRA listens for data from the system metrics collectors on port 5001.


    The DRA log location is platform-dependent:

    Operating Systemdra.conf location
    OS X/var/log/messages/dralog


    Configuration file location

    DRA configuration is defined in a dra.conf configuration file:

    Operating Systemdra.conf location
    OS X/etc/qube/dra.conf

    Configuration parameters

    System Metrics parameters

    • dra_port: local port on which the DRA listens for the system-metrics collectors (default: 5001)

    If you change the dra_port, you will also need to change the PFX_DRA_PORT value for the metrics collectors.


    Metered License usage data collector parameters

    The DRA must be able to authenticate to the Metered License Server in order for your supervisor to take advantage of metered licensing.  The following parameters have no default values,

    • mls_user:  Metered License Server user login name, for reporting license usage data
    • mls_password: MLS user password
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