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    worker_properties = propertylist

    This allows the administrator to specify/override the properties of a Worker.

    Worker properties can be used as a dispatch tool, i.e. "only send jobs to workers that have a host property of 'host.maya>0'" by setting "host.maya>0" in the job's requirements.


    worker_properties = "host.home_dir=/home,host.owner=dude,host.maya=1,host.nuke=1"


    Internally, the following properties are stored:

    •  host.architecture
    •  host.cpus
    •  host.kernel_version
    •  host.os
    •  host.processor_speed
    •  host.proxy_mode
    •  host.qube_build
    •  host.qube_class 
    •  host.qube_version
    •  host.worker_mode

    By default, there are no additional properties stored.

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