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    Numerical Priority
    Every job in Qube! is assigned a numeric priority. Priority 1 is higher than priority 100. This is similar to 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc. The default priority assigned to a job is 9999.

    % qbsub --priority 10 sleep 100

    Priority Clustering
    Every job in Qube! is assigned to a cluster. This value allows a job to have a different priority based upon the hosts in its cluster. A job specified to run on a particular cluster will have a higher priority to run on those machines than a job that is not specified to run on that cluster.


    % qbsub --cluster /vfx sleep 100

    % qbsub --cluster /vfx/char sleep 100

    % qbsub --cluster /comp/nuke sleep 100



     Clustering is described more fully in these pages:

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