Set the worker_template_path for the Worker to point to the directory containing the Job Types. Note, that on Windows, you must use UNC and the path separator is a forward slash "/".



      • Try flipping the slashes to the other direction and see if that solves your problem
    worker_template_path = "//"
      • You may not be able to use worker_template_path in the qbwrk.conf. If that is the case, you will need to modify the local qb.conf.
      • If you ever have problems with the qbwrk.conf, use the command line tool:
    qbconfigfile qbwrk.conf
      • It will show you a fully expanded version of your qbwrk.conf that you can check for errors.

    Every change to the qbwrk.conf only requires a reconfiguration:

    qbadmin worker --reconfig

    while a change to the qb.conf requires a restart of the Worker.

      • You can see the current configuration of the Worker:
    qbadmin worker --config host

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