You can use Windows' logon/logoff scripts to automatically lock/unlock a machine when users logon/off. Basically, you'd call "qblock <machinename>" in the logon script, and "qbunlock <machinename>" in the logoff script. To set up logon/logoff scripts for local logins, you edit settings in the Windows' "group policy editor":

    1. "Start Menu" -> "Run..."
    2. Type "gpedit.msc", enter-- launches the group policy editor.
    3. In the gpedit, in the left pane, choose "User Configurations" -> "Windows Settings" -> "Scripts (Logon/Logoff)"
    4. On the right pane, double-click on the "Logon", choose "Add"
    5. In the "Script Name", type "C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\bin\qblock", or browse to the file.
    6. In the "Script Parameter", type "%COMPUTERNAME%".
    7. Hit "OK".
    8. Do the same for the "Logoff" script, but substitute "qbunlock" for "qblock". You also need to make sure that all users have permissions to "qblock" a machine. With qube 4.0, users do have this permission by default, but to make sure, see the "qbusers --list" output, and look for the line for user "[default]". If it looks like:
    ---l jcg krmpbuicseyqg-vft      [default]

    you're good (the 4th column's "l" means the default users have lock permission).



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