The QubeGUI 5.4 version uses the standardized SimpleCmd/SimpleSubmit framework for all of the submission dialogs. These submission dialogs are editable and located in the simplecmds/ directory (see File->Open SimpleCmds Directory...). A postDialog callback can be added to convert all path parameters to what the renderfarm machines expect.

    Here is an example of modification to the Nuke (cmdline) submission interface that will convert the paths from OS X to Windows UNC paths:

    def create():
    cmdjob = SimpleCmd('Nuke (cmdline)', hasRange=True, canChunk=True, help='Nuke render jobtype', [b]postDialog=postDialog[/b])
    def postDialog(cmd, jobProps):
    # Get a list of properties that use paths
    fileProps = set([k for k,v in cmd.options.iteritems() if v.get('type', '') in ['dir', 'file']])
    # For path properties, substitute the string values
    for k,v in jobProps.setdefault('package', {}).iteritems():
    if k in fileProps:
    jobProps['package'][k] = v.replace('/Volumes/myserver/', '//myserver/')
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