Sometimes when testing new software versions or during application or jobtype development, it's handy to have a worker be "isolated", and only accept specific jobs from the supervisor.  What you want to do is to set the worker up so that it's in a certain cluster and will only accept jobs that are in that cluster, and then to submit jobs into that cluster, and restrict the job so that it will only run on workers in that cluster

    Set up the worker in a new private cluster

    This can be accomplished with a combination of worker_cluster and worker_restrictions.

    • set the worker_cluster to something unique, eg. /testing
    • set the worker_restriction to the same value as the worker_cluster

    Submit jobs into that private cluster, and confine them to that cluster

    When it's time to submit a job that you want to run on this testing platform:

    • set the job's cluster to the same as the test worker's cluster
    • set the job's restrictions to the same as the job's cluster.

    For the duration of your testing, you may want to set the client_cluster and client_restrictions to this cluster, so that your jobs go to this cluster and worker by default.

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