Creating a SimpleCmd and adding it to the QubeGUI is a relatively straight-forward process. Since the QubeGUI will scan the simplecmds directory for any Python files, it will pick up any newly developed files. These files will contain a create() command that returns a list of SimpleCmd objects.

    1. Open the simplecmds directory (SimpleCmds Location).
    2. Create a text file with a Python (.py) extension and open it in your preferred text editor.
    3. Add an import SimpleCmd to the top of the file. Then write a create() function that returns an array of SimpleCmd instances.
    4. For testing purposes, add an if __name__ == '__main__': so the submission dialog can be launched directly by running Python Here is a simple example:




          5. Launch the QubeGUI. The new SimpleCmd should show up under the Submit menu.


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