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    The next step is to combine all of the information in this tutorial to create a dummy Renderman workflow. This tutorial requires an understanding of : 

    Feel free to download and run the script below. It sets up a job that will :

    • Create a Parent Rib Job that is set to run the command "sleep 20" with a range of 60 
    • Create a Blocked Child Renderman Job that is set to run the command "sleep 20" and waits for the Parent Rib job to complete before starting


    This script differs very little from the Advanced Dependencies script.

    job['package']['simpleCmdType'] = 'Maya BatchRender (rib)'

    This was added to the Parent job to assign the UI type to the job.

    job['prototype'] = 'renderman'
    job['package']['simpleCmdType'] = 'Renderman Job'

    This was added to the Child job to assign the UI type to the job.

    Using the technique from the Basic Python Job Submission III page you can create you own custom code to fill in the required job/package details.

    This concludes the Beginner "Python submission and dependencies".

    Should you require any clarification of any of the tutorial please feel free to leave comments.

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