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    During the initial setup, you'll want to Create a new Billing account.

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    • Account Name: required - this should be your company or studio name, not your user name
    • Reporting Contact: required - an email address to receive notifications, alerts, etc sent by the MLS
    • Billing Contact: optional - an email address for you monthly invoice statements.  If not defined, your invoice will be sent to the Reporting Contact.



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    The MAC Address field is required, the description is optional.


    • With WranglerView:
      • Show the log panel with View->Show/Hide Log Panel

      • run Administration->Ping Supervisor

        • copy & the MAC address from the bottom of the log panel

    Add a description to the new supervisor entry (optional)

    Click in the the description field  field to add or edit easliyeasily-recognizable name for your supervisor.

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