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    1. Create the qbwrk.conf file if it doesn't already exist, on the Supervisor machine in the correct location:
      1. Linux & OS X:             /etc/qbwrk.conf
      2. Windows Vista and above:   C:\ProgramData\pfx\qube\qbwrk.conf 
      3. Windows XP:              C:\Program Files\pfx\qube\qbwrk.conf
    2. Edit the qbwrk.conf file with a text editor using the format described below.

    3. Validate the qbwrk.conf file using the command. More details on this page.
          $ qbconfigfile <qbwrk file location>

    4. Push the settings to the Workers using the command
          $  qbadmin worker --reconfigure


      it may take a few minutes to perform this action if the farm is large.