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    This is required only for the Workers running the jobtypes that are Python-controlled. If there are none that are used, then this is an optional install, but more and more of the Qube jobtypes are being written in Python.

    Typically, Linux and Mac OS X come with Python already installed. If not, RPMs should be available on the distribution CD or by download from the Internet.

    On Windows, Qube does not support any version of Python after 2.7.  Python 3 is not supported.

    Python on Windows

    Qube! is compatible with Python versions 2.3 6 through 2.7.  If you're unsure which Python version to install, always choose the latest version of 64-bit Python 2.7

    We recommend installing Python on the supervisor and all workers in order to support automated log rotation.  As well, some jobtypes installed on the workers require Python. 

    For Windows, free (Community Edition) Python distributions can be downloaded from ActiveState at  


    This is required only for the Workers running the Perl-based jobtypes: