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    Retry work (default: on)


    Retry subjobs (default: on)


    Retry running jobs


    Retry complete jobs


    Retry failed jobs


    Retry killed jobs


    Retry done (complete, killed, failed) jobs


    Retry complete work


    Retry failed work


    Retry killed work


    Retry done (complete, killed, failed) work


    Retry complete subjobs


    Retry failed subjobs


    Retry killed subjobs


    Retry done (complete, killed, failed) subjobs

    --user string

    Retry jobs for user string

    --type string --prototype string

    Retry jobs with string type

    --status string

    Retry jobs with string status (ex. pending)

    --name string

    Retry jobs with string name

    --kind string

    Retry jobs of string kind

    --pid int

    Retry jobs with process ID int

    --pgrp int

    Retry jobs in int process group

    --priority int

    Retry jobs with int priority

    --cluster string

    Retry jobs in string cluster

    --cpus int

    Retry jobs with a total of int subjobs


    Output in XML format


    Command help


    Command version