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    Unlock all hosts


    Unlock down hosts


    Unlock panicked hosts


    Unlock active hosts

    --cluster string

    Unlock hosts in string cluster

    --group string

    Unlock hosts in string group

    --resources string

    Unlock hosts based upon requirements expression string


    Immediately stop job processes running on Worker


    Lock the Worker (deprecated: use qblock)


    Unlock the Worker (deprecated and implied)

    --range string

    Range string of CPU slots to lock/unlock. (deprecated: use qblock)


    Specify custom lock

    --file string

    Use the lock in the specified string file


    Command help


    Command version




    Unlocks host render01 CPU slots 0 and 1:

    % qbunlock --range 0,1 --lock render01

    Locks all host render01 CPUs:all slots on host render01 

    qbunlock --lock render01