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    Qube! UI Preferences

    Centralized Preferences

    The Qube! UI stores most preferences in a centralized database on the supervisor. This can be used by Qube! administrators to set defaults or enforce preference values at the studio level. Right-clicking on any value in the preferences dialog will bring up the option to save 'Studio Defaults' and either make the default overridable or mandated. Each user's preferences value will set to this default unless they have already chosen a value for this preference and the default is overridable.Image Removed


    Mandate a preference value

    Right-click on any preference's value, then select Save default->Studio Defaults->Mandated.
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    Remove a mandated preference value

    To remove a mandated default simply right-click on the value and click "Clear mandated default".


    Using system environment variables to override preferences

    While using the centralized preferences system is the best way to configure user preference values, you can also override preference values by setting environment variables. Each supported preference has an associated preference key that you can set an environment variable for, see the preferences details table below. All preferences can be set but some have complex formatting and it's recommended not to set them as incorrect values can lead to errors within the Qube! UI, if you still want to set them please send an email to for details - alternatively you can look in the preferences database on the supervisor for formatting examples.


    The Qube! UI preferences