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    mode: supervisor



    List all Supervisor hosts.


    Backups all of the supervisor's data.


    Auto-detects all available supervisors.


    Display the configuration for the Supervisor.

    --rereadReread the qb.conf configuration file to update dynamically-modifiable parameters

    -set reject_submit-set stop_activity

    Set Supervisor mode

    -unset reject_submit-unset stop_activity

    Unsets Supervisor mode


    Display the current state of all global resources.

    --globalcallback language triggers code

    Submit a globalcallback language is: "perl", "python", or "qube" triggers are callback trigger events code is source code for callback


    Send a test email via SMTP using qb.conf settings.

    mode: worker


    --remove string

    Remove and ban Worker list string

    --unremove macaddr [macaddr]Clear ban on worker  [macaddress].

    --reboot string…

    Reboot Worker list string

    --shutdown string…

    Shutdown Worker list string


    Force the Supervisor to re-detect all of its workers.


    Clear all workers from the "banned" list.


    Push out new configuration to the workers.

    --configuration string

    Display the configuration for the Worker string

    --assignments string

    Query the Worker string directly for jobs it is currently working on.


    Command help


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