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    More advanced uses of the requirements expression allow  Qube! users to route a job to a specific host and also conversely restrict a job from a host.

    Run my job only on


    Linux hosts


    host.os eq linux
    Run my job on any host except qb001

    ... ne "qb001"
    Run the job on a host with the Maya job type


    "maya" in host.jobtypes
    Run my job only on dual processor hosts

    ... == 2
    Run my job only if there isn't already one of this job's instances running on it


    not ( in

    Run only one "kind" of job on a worker at the same time
    (this will allow other kinds of jobs still to run, different from reserving all job slots)

    job.kind = 'test' (or any other value, your choice...)
    not(job.kind in host.duty.kind)

    (Also see How to restrict a host to only one instance of a given kind of job, but still allow other jobs)